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Treadmill 2.0hp (X-FIT 122) Outlet ΙΙ

Treadmill 2.0hp (X-FIT 122)
  • Small, cozy, durable. Worth any euro you pay for it
  • 2.0hp continuous motor
  • It fits in any domestic environment
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* This fitness machine is offered at a premium price because it is store exhibition sample. Its function is excellent. You can see and test it exclusively in x-treme store Άrtas.

Important: Buying Outlet products made exclusively from stores to which they refer, and it is required the buyers to examine himself before their purchase.


The new generation of X-FIT treadmills enriched further by launching the new era of home treadmill, which offer a lot more than you think.

The X-FIT 122 features a powerful motor 2 hp continuous use, with a floor that offers the ultimate cushioned protection 8 levels along, while the programs and display options available, ensuring a complete, safe and effective workout.

  • Motor 2.0hp (4.0hp PeaK)
  • Speed ​​1.0 - 14 Km / h
  • Belt Dimensions 120 x 40 cm
  • Slope Manual 3 levels
  • Εasy folding with gas absorber
  • Floor Thickness 18mm 
  • Handles, 6 button handle for adjusting the speed and star / stop
  • AV System: 8 vibration bases.
  • Displays: time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, fat measurement.
  • Programmes: 8 programs speed, Manual program.
  • Maximum User Weight: 110 Kg.

Dimensions open: 157 cm length, 123 cm height, 70 cm width (
closed: 69 length  cm, height 144 cm)

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Download the user manual below (Greek version).

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