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Zeolite Powder 100g

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Zeolite is a naturally forming microporous, aluminosilicate mineral combination that is found in rock deposits around the world. Zeolite comes from the Greek word for 'boiling stones' as they emit steam when heated. Zeolites have a very strong affinity for pulling out toxic debris from water, clothing,...

Zeolites naturally form when fresh groundwater or sea water reacts with volcanic ash and takes anywhere from 50 to 10,000 years to complete formation. Synthetic zeolites can also be produced much faster and in a more uniform fashion. Zeolites are traditionally used in water filtration, refrigeration, construction, and aquariums.

Zeolites are unique groupings of minerals with a 4-sided honeycomb structure and a negative magnetic charge. This distinctive structure allows zeolite to have a strong osmotic gradient to capture positively charged heavy metals, environmental toxins, and free radicals. Zeolite has small cavities that contain these negatively charged compounds that strongly attract and capture toxins and free radicals.

How to use: Daily, 1 teaspoon diluted in water in the morning on an empty stomach. During the day, you consume plenty of water. Its use does not exceed 5 days a week.

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