Treadmill 3hp i-Run (X-FIT)

Free Shipping
Free Shipping
5 years warranty
5 years warranty
Up to 24 Instalments
Up to 24 Instalments
  • Powerful silent 3HP motor
  • 15.6 ”TFT screen / Wifi & Bluetooth connection
  • Applications: Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, etc.
  • Machine weight 120kg
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The interaction in everyday life of most people today takes place through one or more screens. i-Run is a different kind of treadmill. A treadmill designed having in mind data coming from today’s and tomorrow’s reality. A treadmill that gives you extra motivation to train every day with absolute safety and having fun.

Something different

i-Run stands out from most home gym treadmills because it perfectly adapts to your needs and your habits. The noticeable difference is that it has a 15.6 inch TFT touch screen as the main display but not only that. It has android software and you can connect any of your devices via Bluetooth. Therefore, everything you have on your mobile or tablet is now also on your display.

Now you can watch the series or movie you want while running at the same time. YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and all social media platforms in front of you without wasting time from your daily exercise!

Addressed to everyone

i-Run is made for everyone! It has all these features that make a treadmill reliable, but above all it is a tool to improve your physical condition. All you have to do is fill in your details to create a user profile and track your progress towards your goal. You have 32 different pre-installed exercise programs to follow. On the screen you have the indications of time, speed, incline, distance, heartrate, and calories. When you finish the workout session, you may have a look at the workout summary, in order to have a clear view of your progress.

Basic adjustments

Right in front of you and below the touch screen, is the dashboard with the basic – quick settings. Here, you can quickly select the desired speed, the incline level, the Cool Down program for the ending of the session, as well as the Start/Stop options. On the side handles you also have the ability to choose speed and incline level. Also, in the side handles you may measure your heartrate in the special contacts.

Strength, like X-Fit

Equipped with one of the most powerful X-Fit motors, 3 hp to be exact, and speed range from 1 kilometer per hour, up to 20. Quiet and reliable to enjoy your training to the fullest every time. It weights 120 kg and the maximum user weight reaches up to 130 kg. It has a 15-level electric incline function and an anti-vibration floor to protect the joints and the waist. The belt area is 152 centimeters long and 52 centimeters wide, which means that there is a lot of comfort in movement.

Dimensions and transport

Despite its weight, which is 120 kg, it is easily transported once folded. The folding becomes very easy with the EasyLift system and takes up limited space. Its dimensions when open L: 205 x W: 85 x H: 145 centimeters, while when closed L: 120 x W: 85 x H: 165 centimeters.

Attention: It is necessary to add overvoltage protection when connecting to the power supply.


  • Motor 3 hp
  • Speed 1-20km/h
  • Incline Electric 0% - 15%
  • Screen 15.6" TFT Touch
  • Heart rate measurement On the handles
  • Dimensions (open) L: 205cm x W: 85cm x H: 145cm
  • Dimensions (closed) L: 120cm x W: 85cm x H: 165cm
  • Belt surface L: 152cm x W: 52cm
  • Maximum user weight 130kg
  • Machine weight 120kg
  • Indications Time, speed, distance, heart rate, calories, incline
  • Programs 32
Το πηρα πριν 1 μηνα ! Μου αρεσει η hi tech αυτη επιλογη καθως καθως κανεις προπονηση και περναει η ωρα χωρις να τ καταλάβεις
Επιτελους ενας διαδρομος με ολες τις εφαρμογες που εχω και στο κινητο. Ποιοτητα κατασκευης και μοναδικη οθονη. 5 αστερια.
Πραγματικό στολίδι για το σπίτι, προπόνηση και ψυχαγωγία μαζί!
Όλα τα λεφτά η Android οθόνη και πολύ στιβαρός διάδρομος!
Διάδρομος γυμναστικής και υπολογιστής,μαζί, βλέπω τις αγαπημένες μου σειρές και κάνω την προπόνηση μου !!!
Ένας διάδρομος με τα όλα του!
Συνδυάζει την στιβαρότητα με την ψυχαγωγία και την ευκολία χρήσης.
Απλά ανυπομονώ να τον χρησιμοποιήσω καθημερινά!
Κάνεις προπόνηση και βλέπεις netflix και youtube. Πραγματικά ο μόνος τρόπος για μένα να κάνω κανά χιλιόμετρο. Έχει και πολύ στιβαρή κατασκευή...
Πάρα πολυ καλος! Το multimedia είναι ότι καλύτερο εχω δει! Καλύτερος και απο επαγγελματικος!
Poly monternos! Den yparxei kati paromoio stin agora! Me kleista matia!
Ωραιος και δυνατος διαδρομος για απαιτητικες προπονησεις! Βοηθαει πολυ η οθονη με το ιντερνετ για να σε απασχολει! Θελει λιγο χρονο απλα για να καταλαβεις τις λειτουργιες!!
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