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About X-Treme Stores

We are a Greek company that occupies more than 100 employees both in Greece and Cyprus. X-TREME STORES started their successful journey on the March of 2000 when their first store opened in Peireaus.
From the first day, X-TREME STORES had as a  primary target to support all the athletes with athletic products of the highest quality, safety and effectiveness.
Our fitness experience  is way too big since we were a part of the gym world for more than 20 years. Since then the rise of X-TREME STORES was huge. Improving every single detail in our work, fixing any kind of disadvantage we made a store line with more than 40 stores in Greece and Cyprus.
Our offices and logistic are in Koropi in a huge building that ensures a continuous line of deliveries. So we are able to have a large stock in products in order not to be out of it.
We also have an absolutely organized technical dpt with many years of experience that can fix quickly and money safely any technical problem either it comes from an X-TREME STORES product or other’s.
Especially nowadays with a big part of the market that has a disability to solve technical problems our technical dpt can give a major help.
To remain always innovative and ahead of the pack no matter what we do, offering quality and satisfaction to our customers. Our motto is “A sale that gives no solution to the client, hurts not only him but X-TREME STORES as well”
Our mission is to help as more people as we can, to start leading a healthy and sporty way of life. We think that training is a necessity not a luxury.
Many problems in the modern way of life can be healed or even predicted with training. Many times a simple and economical sport accessory can change our lives. The only thing you have to do is visit an X-TREME STORES and ask for help.
In the last few years our main target was to be in most of the cities of Greece and Cyprus. Now that we have already achieved that we march on, thanks to you.
Now we have another noble target. Now, we want to remain and increase the employees in our company. From the beginning the main reason of the X-TREME STORES success was and still is our people. People who believe in themselves and others. Now in these hard times we believe that people have to keep working and offering their abilities to business and society.
The environment and the modern way of life has reached a bottom point due to wrong choices of the past. We used to do things fast and furious. Let’s not make the same mistakes again.
In X-TREME STORES we recycle anything can be recycled. From paper to plastic to batteries to metal.
We consume as less energy we can and avoid meaningless transportations that polute the air.
Finally since we are not alone in this world we try to be next to sensitive parts of our society, contributing the way we can to make their lives more safe and comfort through charity organizations and foundations. And despite the professional football and basketball clubs all the other parts of sports in Greece are minimized to the core, we try to support events, clubs or athletes in order to give a necessary push to keep on living.