Adjustable Kettlebell (X-FIT)

18 kg
Up to 3 Instalments
Up to 3 Instalments
  • One Kettlebell to meet all your needs
  • Simple weight changing
  • Durable for the hardest use
  • Up to 18kgr
You save: 27.80 € (20%)

How many times do you feel skeptical about which kettlebell suits your needs? It makes sense because you want another weight for one-handed swings, another for two-handed exercises. Another weight when you want to do a good warm up and another weight when you follow a harder program.

X-FIT Adjustable Kettlebell gives you the ultimate solution. With a simple movement you can have a wide range of different weights  in a single kettlebell, without changing its dimension every time you change the weight. Whether it is for warming up, fat burning and bursting or for increasing strength, the Adjustable Kettlebell is all you need. For home or the gym. For your personal space or for the holidays, it is the ideal solution since it is practical, it easily changes its weights and is stored everywhere.

Includes 6 discs:

     2 x 2.7kg
     2 x 2.5kg
     2 x 2.1 kg

Weight of Kettlebell without disks: 3.4 kg

Total weight: 18kg

(Note:  Discs are removed by moving the built-in lever from right to left.)

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