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After Training Protein 540gr (Nutrend)

After Training Protein 540gr (Nutrend)
Packing 540g
Servings x12
  • Protein Formula
  • All in 1 post workout shake
  • Recovery, Strength, Muscularity
  • Gluten Free


Availability Available

The extraordinary composition of this protein offers all athletes a perfect protein mixture intended to be consumed immediately after the end of a demanding training session. The basis of this protein consists of an extremely high-quality protein blend which excels in easy and quick absorbency and efficiency. Part of this mixture is the branded hydrolyzed whey isolate HydrovonTM, a premium whey protein isolate (WPI) and a premium ultrafiltered whey concentrate (WPC). To enable muscle growth, it is necessary to terminate the catabolic response caused by physical activity by adding glycogen using a special blend of carbohydrates, which are represented in the product AFTER TRAINING PROTEIN by the branded ingredients PalatinoseTM and ModCarbTM, which provide a gradual release of glucose. The unique composition is complemented with bioactive colostrum, a high content of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), an extract of Ginkgo biloba and a mixture of specially selected vitamins and minerals to reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Everything is ideally designed to promote muscle growth. The AFTER TRAINING PROTEIN product is furthermore enriched with the digestive enzyme Tolarase®-L, which promotes the absorption of milk sugar lactose.


45g in 200ml of water twice a day

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