Aluminium Reformer (Alpha Pilates)

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Up to 36 Instalments
  • Improving the flexibility of the whole body
  • 4 position foot bar
  • 1 position resistance rating
  • 3-position headrest
  • 5 springs of 3 different stepped resistance lengths
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The ALPHA PILATES Aluminum Reformer is a new easy-to-use Pilates bed made of light aluminum alloy. The Pilates Reformer is the core training equipment of the Pilates method, providing the practitioner with a wide selection of exercises to work the whole body.

The Aluminum Pilates Reformer by ALPHA PILATES SYSTEMS is an ideal solution for Pilates studios with limited space, as it is easily and quickly stored upright to save space.

The functions of the Aluminum Reformer offer the possibility of customized exercise thanks to the ease of changing resistances, quick and easy to change the inclination of the footbar, while its cart is silent, it gives comfort and anatomical support and smooth movement of a wide range.

The new aluminum Reformer is produced in two different heights so you can adapt the exercise to the needs of the practitioner. It is available with legs that offer a height of 36cm on the pilates bed for easy management by Pilates Instructors, but also with Physio Legs that offer a height of 41cm making it easier for sick and elderly practitioners to sit.

The frame of the Aluminum Reformer is made of a robust aluminum profile, while its joints and the Standing Platform are made of solid beech wood with a smooth finish.


The frame is made of heavy-duty aluminum profile iron.

Moving Platform – Wagon
The moving platform provides completely silent and smooth movement on 8 polyurethane wheels.

The frame is made of aluminum. The footbar is made of steel.

Anatomical shoulder pads are designed to provide comfort. Their base is detachable so they can be removed entirely and they have posts to keep the ropes off the floor.

The anatomical headrest provides three positions of customized neck support.

Standing Platform

The standing platform of the Aluminum reformer is made of beech wood with a smooth finish for use with bare feet.

Upholstery consists of heavy-duty synthetic leather in black. Possibility of choosing a color. The inner lining of the tapestry consists of a special foam material of extremely high density to provide the practitioner with comfort and anatomical support.

The handles are made of high-quality cotton material, with an inner fleece lining to provide comfort and soft contact with the skin.

The springs provide different resistances, are made of durable nickel-plated steel and tapered ends, with rotating laminated hooks in different colors.

All components used to manufacture the reformer meet European quality standards.

Weight: 59.9kg

Dimensions: Length 225cm x Width 65cm x Height 36-41cm (Physio Legs)

Use: Professional

– 4-position foot bar
– 1 position resistance rating
– Detachable omostats
– 3-position headrest
– 5 46 cm long springs of 3 different stepped resistances

– Aluminum Pilates Reformer
– 1 Jump board
– 1 Sitting Box
– 1 pair of double loop handles for arms and legs


ALPHA PILATES SYSTEMS guarantees that all fitness equipment meets high quality construction specifications and provides:

    10 years for stainless steel parts.
    5 years warranty for the metal frame.
    1 year warranty for springs, belts, ropes, leatherette, pulleys and wheels.

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