Attack Post 3.0, 900g (Body Attack)

  • Helps protein synthesis for gains in size & strength
  • Refuels your hard trained muscles
  • Helps Replenish glycogen, amino and electrolyte stores

* This product  is not for those who are not working out or have started working out recently.

The new Body Attack’s POST ATTACK 3.0 is without a doubt the most advanced, scientifically superior post-workout muscle and joint repair formula ever developed for hardcore athletes. During an intense workout your body gets exhausted, it runs out of nutrients and overloads your joints. What can you do, to get fully recovered, be prepared for your next sessions and protect your own body? You can either mix a lot of different products or trust the new POST ATTACK 3.0 that has already done this job for you. With a full mix of amino acids, carbs, minerals, vitamins, CreaZ and glucosamine  for your joints protection the new POST ATTACK 3.0 gets your job done. With a single serving you will notice the difference.

Caution: After a few days of use of this product (as well as most of pre-workouts), you may notice a "rock" feature. This in no way implies alteration of the product. Instead, it is a natural process, which is due to the existence of many "hygroscopic" ingredients (such as Arginine and Beta Alanine), which means that these ingredients attract water and hold its molecules. So when the package opens and the product comes in contact with the humidity of the environment, the poweder is "thickened". It is perfectly normal and all that the consumer needs is to smash the larger pieces with a spoon to facilitate its dissolution without altering the product.
The product should be consumed within 2-4 weeks. The longer the package is left, the more the powder lumpier it will get.

75g (4 heaped scoops) in 400ml water after workout.


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