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Betator 180 caps (Body Attack)

  • tremendous growth of the fat free muscle mass
  • markably more muslce strength
  • a top fat combustion
  • a clearly faster recovery

This product  is not for those who are not working out or have started working out recently.


BetaTOR of Body Attack is revolutionary among muscle growth products. With BetaTOR athletes can build up more than 250% muscle mass. This effect has been proven in a scientific study by the University of Tampa (Florida, USA)*, where athletes who have been supplemented by BetaTOR gained an unbelievable 7 kg of muscle mass within 12 weeks of training. Athletes who have not been supplemented by BetaTOR could increase their muscle mass by merely 2 kg under identical conditions.

So anyone achieving optimal training success should focus on the ideal combinaton of correct nutrition, tough training program and effective supplements – for example BetaTOR.

1. How does Body Attack BetaTOR work

The harder the training, the greater the effects of Body Attack BetaTOR. The reasons: BetaTOR has a special dual mechanism – it has anabolic and anti-catabolic effects, increasing the muscle mass and the performance of athletes in a legal way.

Taken as a supplement, it inhibits the breakdown of muscle proteins and supports the protein biosynthesis in the musculature. The mechanism for the building of protein mass is made by the mTOR-receptor. The mechanism for inhibiting the breakdown of the protein mass is made by the Ubiquitin-Proteasom-system.

Apart from BetaTOR this unique product of Body Attack contains Cholin, which supports the normal lipid metabolism in the liver. Therefore the patented VitaCholine has been used which belongs to the highest-quality and purest nutrients due to the careful raw material selection and the good manufacturing practice.

Within only 12 weeks, the test persons taking part in the study supplemented by BetaTOR were able to reduce body fat by 5.4 kg. The athletes taking a placebo could merely burn 1.7 kg of body fat.

2. What exactly is BetaTOR

BetaTOR is the pure, free acid form of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate. Scientists discovered that this substance in its free form can improve the muscle power, promote the building of the dry musculature as well as optimizing considerably the regeneration – and regarding the absorption and the effect it exceeds the presently known Calcium-beta-Hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrat by far. In short BetaTOR is a new improved form of Calcium-beta-Hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrat.

Beta-Hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrat is a metabolic product of the essential amino acid L-Leucin – this means: the body metabolizes Leucin in beta-Hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrat. If the body doesn’t get enough beta-Hydroxy-beta-methybutyrat via Leucin, with BetaTOR you can supply it very easy.

3. Why is BetaTOR in Liquid Caps available

BetaTOR of Body Attack is exclusively available in Liquid Caps which is a spectacular technological innovation in the area of capsule-supplementation. It enables the quickest possible effect for a maximum of bioavailability and optimal protection of the active agent.

BetaTOR In comparison to products in tablet form or in the form of powder capsules, the Liquid Caps have a much faster effect. As it is in the form of gelatin capsules, it dissolves very quickly in the body and as a result BetaTOR gets released rapidly. Since BetaTOR is already dissolved due to its liquid form, the absorption in the body and hence the effect is accelerated enormously.

Vegan Licaps from vegetable fibers
The capsule coat usually consists of animal gelatin. The Licaps that are used for BetaTOR are made out of plant fibers (cellulose) instead. Thus, the product is perfecty suited for vegan or vegetarian nutrition.


3 caps before and 3 after training


Απο τη πρωτη προπονηση ειδα θεαματικσ αποτελεσματα σε αντοχη και πρηξιμο. Δε το περιμενα για τοσο αποτελεσματικο ειναι η αληθεια.
Πολύ καλό ... δουλεύει !!!
Vazw 6 caps prin apo tiw proponhseis mou.Apo thn 2h evdomada exw parathrisei idi thn diafora se dinamh kai apodosh!
μπορω να το παιρνω με πρωτεινη gold standard whey
μπορω να το συνδιασω με gold standard whey protein και με ποιον τροπο
fwtovolida oxi krotida pou anefere o filos me bcaa kreatini nitriko kai whey ola mazi sunduazete sthn pena eimai ston mhna 5,3 monades lipous katw kai ais8hth h muikh maza pou exei ginei puraulos
Μπορείς να το συνδυάσεις με tribulus και νιτρικό?
Δεν πίστευα ποτέ ότι με ένα συμπλήρωμα θα έχω τέτοια αποτελέσματα και το δοκίμασα πραγματικά αύξησα κατά πολύ τ μυϊκή μου μάζα κατέβασα το σωματικό μου λίπος περίπου 4 μονάδες
Πολύ καλό προϊόν. Έπερνα 6 καψουλες πριν απο κάθε προπόνηση για 3 μήνες σερί. Πολυ καλη αποθεραπεία αλλά το βασικότερο είναι ότι εχάσα λιπος και η ζυγαρια δεν κατέβηκε. Αυτο παει να πει οτι εχανα ταυτοχρονα και λιπος αλλα εβαζα και μυικη μαζα. Το συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα
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