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C4 Ripped 120caps (Cellucor)

  • Burn fat, not muscles
  • Without creatine
  • Energy for your training
Limited items

What is it?

The legendary explosive energy and cutting formula of C4 Ripped is now available in capsules. Boasting a few unique ingredient updates, C4 Ripped caps combine the power of a pre-workout with ingredients to support fat loss.

What’s inside?

The updated, creatine-free formula features 200 milligrams of total caffeine in the new C4 Smart Energy Matrix—which includes instant, delayed, and extended-release caffeine for crash-free energy—plus 2 grams of CarnoSyn beta-alanine for muscular endurance and an effective blend of fat-loss ingredients like l-carnitine, green coffee bean extract, and Capsimax cayenne extract.

What should I feel?

You know the classic C4. You have tasted it. You have felt it. Try to imagine the classic C4 with all its might and power, but with a difference. You will also burn fat and have more stamina than never before.

4 caps before training

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