Cadillac Trapeze (Alpha Pilates)

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  • Made of solid beech wood & stainless steel
  • Improving the flexibility of the whole body
  • 1 pair of sheepskin fuzzies loops straps
  • 10 long & short stepped resistance springs
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The Cadillac Trapeze, also known as the Trapeze Table, was designed by Joseph Pilates and is a leading Pilates exercise equipment, offering a rich exercise program at multiple levels of movement.

The Pilates Cadillac Trapeze by Alpha Pilates Systems is made of stainless steel and offers full body strength and flexibility improvement, featuring the Trapeze bar, Slider bar, Push Through Bar, Roll Down Bar and long springs of varying resistances throughout. the Cadillac length for a fully personalized workout.

Paying tribute to timeless design, its wooden frame has elegant lines with a smooth finish while its construction is entirely handmade having chosen only the best materials such as solid beech wood and stainless steel.

Wooden Skeleton

The frame is made of 4 cm thick solid beech wood for high resistance, with a special design

Metal frame

The frame of the Cadillac provides stability thanks to its robust construction and is completely made of stainless steel.


Upholstery consists of heavy-duty black synthetic leather and is double stitched. Possibility of choosing a color. The inner lining of the tapestry consists of a special foam material of extremely high density to provide the practitioner with comfort and anatomical support.


The springs provide different resistances, are made of durable nickel-plated steel and have tapered ends, with rotating hooks in different colors.

All components used to build Cadillac meet European quality standards.


The handles are made of high-quality cotton material, with an inner fleece lining to provide comfort and gentle contact with the skin.

Weight: 103 Kg

Dimensions of wooden frame: Length 242cm x Width 71cm x Height 62cm
Cadillac Dimensions: Length 214cm x Width 82cm x Height 220cm
Cadillac functions

– Trapeze bar
– Slider bar
– Push Through Bar
– Roll Down Bar
– 10 long & short springs of different scaled resistances


– Cadillac Trapeze
– 1 Sitting box
– 1 pair of sheepskin fuzzies loops straps
– 2 pairs of double loop handles for arms and legs
– 10 long & short springs of different scaled resistances


ALPHA PILATES SYSTEMS guarantees that all fitness equipment meets high quality manufacturing standards and provides:

– Lifetime warranty for stainless steel parts.
– 5 years warranty for the wooden construction
– 2 years warranty for the parts made of aluminum.
– 1 year warranty for springs, belts, ropes, pulleys and wheels.

Greek construction

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