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Carbo Snack Energy Gel 50g (Nutrend)

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  • Energy Gel
  • Immediate Absorption
  • Energy and performance improvement
  • Gluten Free
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Fast energy in gel form. The wholly improved CARBOSNACK offers much more energy compared to the original formula. Gel products are ideal for demanding physical activities with high pulse rates, at which the human body is not capable of solid food intake.

Two types of carbohydrates in a balanced ratio combined with additional substances like beta-alanine, choline, and vitamin B3 together contribute to reduced fatigue and support of energy metabolism.

 1 sachet per hour during physical activity, according to your needs. Maximum 4 tubes per day.
Use: tear the sachet and consume immediately.


Tο πήρα ενδιάμεσα από αγώνα ποδοσφαίρου και με κράτησε σε υψηλά επίπεδα ενέργειας και αντοχής
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