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Carnitine Activity With Caffeine 750ml (Nutrend)

Carnitine Activity with caffeine 750ml (Nutrend)
  • Fat burning ready to drink
  • High dose of carnitine
  • Enriched with caffeine for energy
  • Intension and fat burning
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L-Carnitin transfers fatty acids into the place of their burning, into energy centre of cells, into so called mitochondria and it thus supports energy creation from fats. It takes part in overall organism energization and it also significantly supports weight reduction, heart and brain function ant it also supports physical and psychical performance. For metabolism stimulation caffeine is added  which helps to improve metabolism and it thus results in increased energy usage from fats.

Energy blend is enriched with taurine which provides better concentration during performance and it thus supports movement coordination. Caffeine in connection with taurine provides better stimulation of central nervous system.

1 bottle of Carnitin drink daily

For physical performance support start using 20 – 30 minutes pre-performance and consume also during performance.

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