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Carnitine Compressed 120 caps (Nutrend)

  • 100%  carnitine tartarate
  • Perfect for fat loss
  • Faster absorption than the classic carnitine
  • Smaller serving, better results

1324 mg of L-carnitine tartrate per capsule. This unique form of carnitine brings new possibilities that guarantee the convenient dosage. The latest technology and innovative development attitude enables the high amount of carnitine contained in a capsule. An excellent product for regularly and intensively training athletes focused on fatty tissue reduction. An elegant blister packaging make the dosage easier. It is an excellent product for regularly and intensively training people who are concerned about fatty tissue reduction.

1 cap in the morning and 1 before workout



Απο τις πιο περιεκτικες καρνιτινες σε καψουλα που κυκλοφορουν!
2 καψουλες πριν την προπονηση μου και με βοηθησε να δω διαφορα στο καψιμο λιπος μου.
Μεσα σε 1 μηνα εχασα 8 κιλα!!!! εχω δρομο ακομα.κανει δουλεια...
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