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100% Casein Gold Standard 1818g (Optimum Nutrition)

100% Casein Gold Standard 1818g (Optimum Nutrition)
Packing 1818g
Servings x57
Rating 4

  • 100% Pure casein
  • Time released amino flow
  • Ideal a bed time shake
Availability E-Shop

Fast absorption proteins (whey) is the perfect solution for pre and immediately after workout because they lead to rapid recovery. On the other hand the slow digestive proteins are even better for the rest of the day, specially as the last meal before bedtime, when the body stays without any other meal for a long time. Casein is the ideal type of protein for this case.

ON’s 100% Gold Standard Casein with 24gr. of protein offers a large amount of aminos for a long period recovering the muscles during the sleep. It contains no sugars but a lot of glutamine and bcaa aminos.

The Original ON’s products exclusively on X-TREME STORES.

X-TREME STORES  S.A. is the official and exclusive representative of Optimum Nutrition in Greece, and this is something you can check by visiting the official ON’s site. Press here.

1 scoop in the morning, afternoon and before bedtime in 300ml of water.

Πολύ καλή και με πολλή καλή διαλυτότητα όσο σε νερό όσο και στο γάλα.

Δεν ηταν ασχημη,δοκιμασα τη μπανανα αλλα βαρια συγκριτικα με την αντιστοιχη της body attack

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