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CBD Oil Pro 600mg 30ml (Stacker2)

  • 100% vegan
  •  Production via CO2 extraction

Stacker2 Europe's CBD oil is extracted from the highest quality hemp.
Cannabis is grown in Poland in a natural environment and not in a factory. Soils rich in nutrients are used for its cultivation and no pesticides are used. Through CO2 extraction, the hemp flowers are processed at a low temperature, which ensures that enzymes, vitamins and valuable terpenes are not lost, resulting in an excellent quality CBD oil.

CBD oil has been observed to have many beneficial actions for the body and in fact the more it is researched by scientific groups from all over the world, more and more beneficial features emerge.
CBD oil is widely used to treat many ailments. Its anti-inflammatory action makes it a very effective tool against muscle pains, muscle spasms, it actively contributes to the anti-catabolic action, fights inflammation while at the same time it is an inhibitor of anxiety and stress, which lead to depression in the long term. With the improvement of the mental state (relieved of stress) and with a positive mood, the training level rises.
Also, it helps effectively in recovery of the muscular system after intense activity or an injury.
This as a result will increase the performance of each trainee.

Start with 2 drops in the evening. Hold under tongue for 30-60 seconds, then swallow. The dose can be increased or taken more frequently, as required. Take no more then 10 drops a day.

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