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Chest Press (X-FIT)

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  • Unique chest press machine
  • Focus the tension only on the chest muscles

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Chest presses on the bench are one of the most important exercises in the gym. But it can be dangerous for people who are not very advanced, and this is because the free weights on the bar and the free movement can cause damage to the shoulders and the triceps. In addition, it is a fact that on the bench, in order to raise the bar, the whole torso often helps.

In contrast to the X-FIT pressure machine, we have absolute safety, security and efficiency, since its ergonomics focus the tension only on the chest muscles and in fact in a unique way.

  • Dimensions: 1550 x 1400 x 1880mm
  • Total Weight: 157kg
  • Weight Stack: 90kg

Frame color: Silver
Seat color: Black
The color of the product may slightly vary from the photo.

Once, for a Lifetime.

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