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Clarinol CLA 90caps (Body Attack)

  • 100% CLA
  • Fat burning action
  • High quality cla under the name of Clarinol
  • Enriched with vitamin E

CLA is the abbreviation for "Conjugated Linoleic Acid" This translates as conjugated linoleic acid - which is also referred to as unsaturated fatty acid..

It is obtained from the plant material of the safflower and is one of the omega-6 fatty acids, which can not be produced by the body itself. Therefore, the body has to rely on a daily dietary intake.

In a low-fat diet or unilateral fat intake to a lack of unsaturated fatty acids can develop. Therefore Body Attack Clarinol CLA is for people or for athletes with a very low fat diet.

With the addition, the natural and healthy balance retained the fat metabolism. One capsule provides 800 mg CLA - and as antioxidant vitamin E for a longer shelf life.

Clarinol CLA is about 80 percent of conjugated linoleic acid. It carries the quality seal Clarinol?, that shows that the capsules contain the highest concentration of biologically valuable fatty acid.


3 caps daily with meals

Πολυ καλο !αναποκρινεται σε αυτο που λεει! μετα απο της 60 ..70 καψουλες βλεπεις σταδιακα αποτελεσματα
δεν το περιμενα για cla να με βοηθησει τοσο πολυ και η ετερεια αυτη τα σπαει.
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