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Colla Whey 560g (Scitec Nutrition)

  • 21 g protein per serving, mainly from whey!
  • 7.5 g BodyBalance® Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides!
  • No added sugar!
  • Lactose Free!

CollaWhey is a balanced, strong combination of high quality whey protein and hydrolysed collagen protein peptides, both of which have their unique features and strengths therefore complementing each other to support among others, your muscles and bones! We use the branded BODYBALANCE®  Collagen Peptides® source of hydrolysed collagen protein that is specifically engineered to support your body and muscles, especially when engaged in training! This collagen protein is hydrolysed ('cut to pieces' already) therefore its digestion and utilization is great.


1 serving (28g) in 300ml of water, 1-2 times daily

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