Compex® MINI – Wireless Muscle Stimulator

Up to 6 Instalments
Up to 6 Instalments
  • Wireless electrostimulation transmitters
  • Connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth
  • 6 Programs
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Muscle Relaxation & Recovery
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COMPEX MINI: Mini size. Maximum recovery.
Wireless electrostimulation transmitters that connect to your cell phone via Bluetooth.

COMPEX MINI connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. So it creates a muscle electrical stimulation device, which is everywhere and always with you.

Improve your fitness, rehabilitate and manage pain on the go or at home.

6 Programs
2 Channels
Maximum intensity 299
Battery life: 420 minutes / 6 hours
Wireless technology / Bluetooth
Compatible with smartphones / iOS 8.1 and above – Andoid 5.0 and above
Indication of placement of the electrodes on the screen
2 years warranty
The package contains:

2 x transmitters
4 x Snap adhesive electrodes 50 x 50
Snap adhesive electrodes 50 x 100 (X2)
2 x short connection cables
2 x long connecting cables
1 x USB charging cable
1 x carrying case


1. Warm-up | Pre-warm up

The goal of this program is to increase blood circulation to properly prepare your muscles for your activity.

2.Strengthening – Resistance to the Force | Endurance

Improve your physical condition, increase strength endurance. This program will help you increase muscle endurance.

3.Resistance | RESISTANCE

A comprehensive program for the intensive stimulation of the muscular system.

4. Recovery from training | Training Recovery / Active Recovery

Helps relax muscles and reduce muscle stiffness.

5. Muscle relaxation / Massage | Muscle Relaxation / Massage

It helps reduce muscle tension and provides relaxation.

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