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Complete After 2724g(Warriorlab) + Gift Water bottle 2.2lt (Warriorlab)

  • The best “all in 1” formula
  • A perfect 50/50 ratio of protein/carbs
  • The ideal post workout shake
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Complete After, 2724g (Warriorlab) + Gift Water bottle 2.2lt (Warriolab)

What is it?

Complete After is a protein formula, that mixes with a unique way ALL the lost ingredients that our body needs AFTER training, in order to begin the recovery process. 

What’s in it?

WARRIORLAB’ s Complete After contains an exceptional quality and composition mixture of ingredients that will help dramatically in that direction. It contains a combination of rapid absorption whey protein mixed filtering gradual and long-term absorption. Also contains the appropriate amount of simple and complex carbohydrates for immediate restoration of lost glycogen, large amounts of glutamine and amino acids for more complete recovery and creatine for simultaneous hydration of muscles and further development.
Extra vitamins have been added, minerals and taurine, all together guarantee the smooth transition from exhaustion to recovery, the strengthening of the entire body and muscle growth.

What should I feel?
We feel exhausted because we have spent the entire muscle glycogen. We feel caught because muscle fibers have reached their limits. On one must recover while the other should be developed further. They have run out of stock in glutamine and amino acids into muscle and the immune system begins to weaken as well.
We are now clear why the body should be taken immediately after training a number of nutrients that will restore the proper operation and will lead to recovery but also in muscle growth.
The first thing you will feel, from the very first day, is that you will be full of energy. Literally, you will feel your body get fueled.  Forget the pain, soreness and lack of energy. All these with the Complete After will be past.

Why should I buy it?
If we choose a time period which will characterize as the most important in the diet of an athlete, surely it would be one that follows a hard workout. The period 30-40 right after training called "window of opportunity" and is so named because it is exactly the moment when the body is ready to absorb and mainly utilize all the nutrients that will give him. Immediately after intense workout occur many important things in our bodies.
So normally you would need a lot of different supplements to fill these gaps. But if you take a serving of Complete After you will receive everything. So, it will be good for you, for the matter of simplicity, safety and economy.

Which are the best supplement to combine with Complete After?
As we said after training you will lose a lot of nutrients. Then Complete After comes and has 2 jobs to fulfill. First to recover, then to build new muscles. But what will happen if you take some aminos before training? Then, you will not lose muscles and Complete After will begin to build your muscles from ground zero, not below. So Essential Amino Acids from WarriorLab will be a great combination.

Add 2 scoops (95g) to 500ml of water, milk or juice. Mix it properly in a shaker and drink immediately post exercise to support the muscle recovery and building.

Best post workout φόρμουλα τρομερή αποκατάσταση μετά την προπόνηση..!
Foveri proteini gia apo8erapeia kai gia myikh anaptiksH! einai i agapimeni mou aksizei ta lefta tis kai me to parapanw. meta apo 3 koutia pou teliwsa se sindiamo me amino liquid tis warriorlab, to swma mou exei allaksei epipedo! tin protinw se olous, apsogi!!!
1,5 scoop einai arketa kali dosologia
ine kali i dosologia 2 scoop i ine ipervoliki??
All in one Protein Formula για μέγιστη αποκατάσταση με υπέροχη γεύση!!!
Πάρα πολύ καλή,με γεμίζει και με κρατάει χωρίς να πεινάω.Αρκετά καλές αναλογίες σε αμινοξέα αλλά είναι αρκετά μεγάλη η προτεινόμενη δοσολογία (2scoops). Η σοκολάτα είναι εξαιρετική!
Πολυ περιεκτικη για post χωρις να βαραινει το στομαχι ! Η σοκολατα φοβερη !!
Apistefto proion gia meta tin proponisi. Einai isws i kalyteri formoula gia post workout recovery pou exw dokimasei! Kai apo gefsi fantastiki. An kai fanatikos me tin sokolata pira vanilia kai ksetrelathika! Tin sinistw se opoiodipote thelei na exei kali apokatastasi meta tin proponisi!
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