Complete Gainer 1500g bag (Warriorlab)

  • Everlasting amino flowing
  • Enriched with creatine for faster results
  • 48g of carbs for rapid energy
  • Maximum recovery

Economy and quality only go together in WarriorLab. Yet another innovation from the leading supplement company.

Now you can get a pack of the supplements you all know well, such as Complete Whey, Complete 8, Complete Gainer, Complete Mass, Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Carbo Up, Complete After and Whey Isolate and then refill. In other words, get a bag of any product you want and refill the old packaging at an even lower price.

In this way we win twice as we save money and at the same time take care of the environment, since the bags are more ecological than plastic boxes.

What is it?

Complete Gainer is a quality mass gainer formula. It’s obvious that whoever seeks for a nice mass gain formula looks aims for more and more nice calories. The one that will add some serious mass. But many times this is wrong. Because if we want to add quality muscle mass, the number of calories isn’t everything, because all calories are not equal. Many mass gain formulas contain  a lot of sugar and saturated fats. WarriorLab’s Complete Gainer on the other hand provides many calories from protein and from the purest form, whey protein.

What’s in it?
Every serving of Complete Gainer contains 26g of protein and 48g of high quality carbs, in the ideal ratio for a post workout shake. To this you may add that the sugars are less and less than ever, such as saturated fats, ensuring this way the rapid recovery and muscle mass.

It includes Creapure® quality creatine monohydrate, and Optipep® , the top quality hydrolyzed protein, which is absorbed more easily and faster.

What will I feel?

After an intense workout our body is empty of glycogen. It’s the main reason we feel exhausted, lack of energy and empty of power, while our muscles get thinner and emptier. All these happen because many times we don’t feed our muscles with the right portion of carbs, in order to replenish glycogen stores. With Complete Gainer our body from the very first day is getting fuller, more powerful and thick.

Why should I buy it?
If you want to put some serious muscle mass on you, if you want to make your body strong and full, if you want a complete recovery then you know why you should taste it.

Which are the best supplements that can be combined?
Complete Gainer can be combined with a lot of supplements. Most experienced athletes combine it with HMB for greater recovery and Complete Pre for more energy, focus and strength during training.

*The package does not include scoop.

85g in 400-450ml of water immediately after exercise. Depending on the daily protein requirement, take an additional 1-2 servings per day (in 400-450ml water or milk) between meals.

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