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Complete 8 Shake & Take 30g (Warriorlab)

Complete 8 Shake & Take 30g (Warriorlab)
  • Pure multiple sources protein
  • From Grass Fed Cows
  • Μuscle growth and recovery
  • Gluten Free
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No need to carry your tub of Protein with you to the gym or mess around with a shaker bottle anymore, looking for a secret place to shake it. The convenience of WarriorLab’s Shake 'n' Take makes it an ideal addition to the daily nutritional plan of those who find meal planning difficult. You just have to add 200ml of water or milk and there you go. You are ready to drink it.

No1 in sales in the Greek market!

What is it?
Complete 8 is a pure protein complex that is made from a wide range of protein sources, each one of them having its unique amino profile and its separate absorption pace. This offers our body a lot of advantages, since this way it gets fed properly throughout the day.
What’s inside?
Complete 8, as mentioned before, contains a wide range of protein sourced. At the same time, it is enriched with large doses of amino acids (bcaa & glutamine) for faster recovery and muscle protection.
It contains no gluten and aspartame and it’s very important the fact that the main ingredient, milk, is from animals (cows) that are being fed only with grass and not with industrial, chemical foods (Grass Fed Cows).
What should I feel?
Protein is the basic food for the muscles. It’s the only food for muscles. Therefore, it’s essential for our muscular development and recovery. The multi-source protein system leads to a time released absorption from our body. And this is important because the amino acids stay in our muscles for a longer period of time. This will lead to a continuous muscular development, something that you will notice after a few days of use. But the first time we feel, from the very first day, is that our body becomes stronger, the soreness last less and we feel ready for the next workout. 
Why it’s No1 in Greece?
Because it mixes a lot of advantages for both the starter and the experienced athlete. First of all, its high quality, the purity and the easy dissolvement is things that make a lot of people to choose it. The fact that it can be used throughout the day and there is no need for buying different supplements gives freedom, simplicity and economy to athletes who are not used in mixing a lot of products.

Which products can be combined with Complete 8?
Complete 8 can be combined with any other supplement, depending of the user’s final target. Most of the users also take Multi Vitamins and a complex shake like Complete Intra. 

Add 200ml of water or milk. Shake it it properlyand drink immediately. Recommended for 2-3 times daily, depending on your nutritional needs.

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