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Complete Whey 2270g (Warriorlab)

  • 100% pure whey protein
  • Rapid absorption
  • Recovery after each workout
  • From Grass Fed Cows
  • Gluten Free

COMPLETE WHEY with the highest biological value whey protein contains the perfect solution to accelerate muscle growth, strength and recovery of muscles immediately after training. Whey contained in COMPLETE WHEY helps the best and safest way to create larger muscle fibers, while offering a number of beneficial effects on growth and overall health of the athlete.

It is known that whey protein helps dramatically boost the immune system and protect the company against a host of health problems related to poor nutrition.

What plays the greater role is the quality of the milk used for the production of whey, which will determine the degree of biological value. The COMPLETE WHEY loyal to WARRIORLAB standards, employing all the expertise, experience and ethics regarding the safety of raw materials, to offer athletes the best source of protein with the highest and cleanest filtering and the highest biological value.

The period immediately following the workout is the most critical in terms of recovery, muscle growth and muscle strength. Therefore the after workout supplement should contain all those nutrients that will heal the muscle tissue after overexertion training and then build the new, larger muscle mass.
Immediately after training, the body has been a heavy burden and therefore has an immediate need of those ingredients that will help not only muscle, but also strengthen the immune system. With a unique combination of glutamine, bcaa amino acids and glutathione (the body's natural antioxidant), a dose COMPLETE WHEY will not only drastically reduce the chance of muscle catabolism and will shield the body against free radicals, which are always developed after training and is responsible for many health problems.
Especially bcaa amino acids dramatically improve performance by reducing muscle fatigue associated with anaerobic high intensity exercise. Also have a beneficial effect in enhancing the immune system while involved in the production of muscle proteins, which leads to faster muscle hypertrophy.
Recent surveys have also shown that the correct amount of whey protein helps increase the growth factor IGF-1, which is beneficial in many bodily functions such as reduction of body fat, muscle cell growth, improving quality of sleep , improve the health of skin and all over the greater secretion of growth hormone.

The COMPLETE WHEY is perfect even for athletes with specific allergies to milk, as it contains a minimum amount of lactose.

At the same time it is Gluten Free, a perfect choice for people who have intolerance in this specific ingredient meaning that causes no bloating and other digestive problems.
A very important thing that rises the value of Complete Whey is that comes from milk of cows that are fed only with natural grass and not industrial food that’s full of hormones and toxic waste.


Protein WHEY, regardless of the brand, is suitable mainly for post workout. Any other time of the day and before bedtime, you will see better results using a protein of many sources. One such protein is the COMPLETE 8 wherein gradually absorbed by
the body thereby providing a continuous flow of acid. This does not mean that it is not suitable for post workout. Just in this drink, use a higher dose than in WHEY and benefits are manifold.
Of course both products are also available in small packs for when you want a combination of both. That WHEY for after the workout and COMPLETE 8 for any other time.

1) Breakfast: 1 scoop (30gr) in 150-200ml of water or milk. 2) Before training: 1 scoop (30gr) in 150-200ml of water at least one and a half hour before training. 3) After training: 11/2  scoop (45gr) in 200-250ml of water right after training. Mix it properly in a shaker and drink immediately.

Φοβερη διαλυτοτητα και γευση . Οποιος θελει να ανεβασει καθαρη μυικη μαζα ειναι ιδανικη πρωτεϊνη !
γευση = 2,5/10 διαλυτικοτητα 8/10
Τέλεια πρωτεΐνη για χτίσιμο άπαχου μυϊκού ιστού ή για την ενίσχυση της πρωτεϊνοσύνθεσης για ταχεία μυϊκή ανάρρωση!!!
Πολύ καλή πρωτείνη.Η φράουλα βέβαια μου ψιλοφέρνει αναγούλα αλλά έχει αρκετά καλή δυαλιτότητα.
th phra prin liges meres...dialiete efkola sto nero mesa se 10 deftera...akoma kai me koutali...h sokolata einai teleia,pragmatika sa na pineis kakao kai einai poly elafria!
Εξαιρετικη whey παρα πολυ καλη η φραουλα απιστευτη την προτεινω σαν γευση ειδικα για καλοκαιρι ειχα παρει και σοκολατα αλλα σαν την φραουλα δεν εχει αξιζει δοκιμαστε τη φραουλα
Παιδιά σκέφτομαι να την αγοράσω αλλά δεν ξέρω τί γεύση μπορεί κανείς να προτείνει καμία
Para poly kali proteini xwris na exoume stomaxikes diataraxes. teleia geusi kai poly kali dialitikotita. exw dwkimasei polles ka8ares kai kateliksa stin warriorlab giati eida poly kala apotelesmata!
πολύ καλή και η γεύση φράουλα από τις καλύτερες που έχω δοκιμάσει!
παρα πολυ καλη..ωραια γευση κ καλη διαλυτοτητα
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