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Compress B.I.G. 2100g (Nutrend)

  • Muscle mass formula
  • Ideal protein/carbs ratio
  • Complete amino acids profile
  • Easily dissolved
  • Great Taste
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COMPRESS B.I.G. is intended for sportsmen requiring muscle mass and power growth.

The base of COMPRESS B.I.G. is a special mixture of chosen protein sources: NitroPeptide Protein Blend (NPPB) which was created on the basis of research made by NUTREND company.

This blend contains optimal ratio and combination of top protein fractions manufactured by top quality technologies (e.g. CFM production method). NitroPeptide Protein Blend provides maximum and long-lasting amino acids supply into muscles (muscle mass and power growth). The blend is made to provide gradual and continuous release and utility of each item of the blend in digestive tract and then also in blood flow.

Carbohydrates component of COMPRESS B.I.G. is presented by a carbohydrate of new generation, isomaltulose (Palatinose™) which has the same energetic value as glucose (which means that it supplies the body with necessary sugar for maximum energy renewal) nevertheless it does not cause undesirable glycemic increase (so called hyperglycemia). With extreme 6000 mg of amino acids BCAA and 3000 mg of L-Glutamin in each dosage of COMPRESS B.I.G. you will get a really strong pre-training drink allowing you to reach better performance without negative protein balance. If you use COMPRESS B.I.G. post your performance the drink will guarantee you a quick start of recovery processes necessary for significant muscle mass growth.

NPPB is a multisynergic combination of three components that are in significant ratio for your body:

PeptoPro® component – top di- and tripeptide hydrolysed fractions of casein that without any trouble and very fast enter through digestive tract into blood flow. Due to unique production technology and high utility are these small peptides quickly absorbable in blood flow which means that they are ready to start anabolic (muscle mass building) process.

Whey protein (WPI and WPC) which is absorbed in digestive tract more slowly as it has to be divided into single peptides and amino acids. Whey protein isolate and concentrate get into blood flow little bit later but just right in the time when PeptoPro® is used by muscle cells for required anabolic process. Due to gradual utility of single components of NitroPeptide Protein Blend, long-lasting and continuous muscle supply with maximum amount of necessary amino acid is provided. Whey protein in NitroPeptide Protein Blend contains WPI (whey protein isolate) and also WPC (whey protein concentrate).

Protein profile of COMPRESS B.I.G. is furthermore enriched with colostrum (first-class milk of mammals) which contains growth factors that stimulates anabolic processes in organism.

Usage of COMPRESS B.I.G. post your workout

The fact that COMPRESS B.I.G. can be consumed during stretching phase of your training (in the so called carbohydrates gap) provides you optimum energy recharge and starts in your organism muscle recovery without depositing into fatty stores.

Carbohydrates component in gainer COMPRESS B.I.G. immediately after your exercise activates digestive tract and post-workout hypoglycemia is balanced (low carbohydrates level in blood). Muscle cells are after intensive strength training depleted and start of catabolic (muscles destroying) processes of your own muscle mass threatens. That is why your body needs to intake “quality carbohydrates” immediately after the end for your training to be able to start quality recovery and prevent possible catabolism. Without carbohydrates, recovery starts too late, it is of poor quality and takes much longer.

To get the maximum effect we recommend combining COMPRESS B.I.G. with COMPRESS WHEY AMINO 10 000.

 1 serving (70 g) in 450ml water about 60 minutes before your training and 1 dose 20-30 minutes after your workout.


me pia proteini kali mporo na parw kila kai ogko??
Αρκετα καλη για αποκατασταση! Ισως λιγο τσιμπημενη λογω συστατικων! Αλλα οτι πληρωνεις παιρνεις!
Διάβαζα αρκετό καιρό για τη νέα μορφή υδατάνθρακα, το Palatinose και επιτέλους βρήκα μια φόρμουλα που το περιέχει ως μοναδική πηγή! Μακάρι να είχε λίγο περισσότερη πρωτεινη..
Την χρησιμοποίησα ώς ρόφημα αποκατάστασης μετά τα βάρη. Πολύ καλό προιόν.Την αποκατάσταση την νιώθεις.
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