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X-Treme Crea Whey 1350g (Inkospor)

X-Treme Crea Whey 1350g (Inkospor)
Packing 1350g
Servings x30
  • Special recovery supplement
  • With creatine and whey protein
  • With the perfect carbs portion
  • Ideal for recovery and muscular development
Availability Available

A brand new “all in 1” formula under the almighty INKO label is this Crea Whey, which in just one serving offers 20gr protein of the highest quality. Whey and predigested PeptoPro protein, a mix that is absorbed rapidly by our muscles. Along it has 15gr of mixed carbs for optimal recovery, and a 3gr creatine dose of CreaPure, that along with carbs and sodium chloride will be absorbed and used faster than ever. Finally with a mix of bcaa and mineral will ensure a rapid recovery, hydration and muscular development.


3 servings (45gr) with water right after training.

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