Treadmill Sector (X-FIT)

Free Shipping
Free Shipping
5 years warranty
5 years warranty
Up to 24 Instalments
Up to 24 Instalments
  • Equipped with a powerful AC motor of 3.5 hp
  • Provides safe exercise for extended periods
  • Sturdy construction for quality workouts
  • Ideal for the whole family

Exercise, health, and good mood are a family affair. When most treadmills have limitations on their continuous use, even in gyms, the X-FIT SECTOR offers the perfect solution for your home.
Now, the entire family can exercise safely, with quality and efficiency, without interruptions.
Its exceptional design is friendly and perfectly suitable for any household space, its silent motor won't disturb the neighbors, and its rich menu can cater to the needs and requirements of different family members.

However, the X-FIT SECTOR with its AC motor (all professional treadmills have an AC motor) is the ideal companion for long-distance athletes (e.g., marathon runners, triathletes), as it offers a unique training experience of several hours in the safety of your home. There's no need to search for suitable training conditions for the upcoming running event. Just step on the treadmill, press start, and run as much as you want.
The extended usage time, however, is not the only advantage of the X-FIT SECTOR. Its quality construction, high joint protection, and the variety of exercise programs it offers make it an ideal training partner or personal trainer at home.


Motor: AC 3.5 hp
Dimensions (open): 199cm x 93cm x 149cm    
Dimensions (folded): 120cm x 93cm x 169cm
Incline: 0-15 levels
Belt Surface: 53cm x 151cm
Input current: 220V
Machine weight: 113 kg
Speed Range: 1.0-20 km/h
Maximum user weight: 130 kg    
Programs: Manual +P1-18 +U1-U3 + Bodyfat
Display: LCD 7” with blue backlight       

Πολύ στιβαρή κατασκευή με φοβερό αντικραδασμικο' σύστημα
Από τους καλύτερους διαδρόμους που έχω ανέβει ποτέ.Τον χρησιμοποιούμε 3 άτομα της οικογένειας σχεδόν καθημερινά.Ανετος, στιβαρός κ αθόρυβος!
Εξαιρετικός , τον πήρα για το στούντιό μου . VFm απόλυτο , πολύ στιβαρός .
Απίστευτος διάδρομος!! Και μόνο που έχει επαγγελματικό μοτέρ και είναι όμορφος για το σπίτι τα λέει όλα. Είδα όλο το GODFATHER (3 ώρες) με τη μία.
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