Treadmill Walking Pad (X-FIT)

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1 year warranty
1 year warranty
Up to 12 Instalments
Up to 12 Instalments
  • The smallest treadmill of the market
  • Fits everywhere
  • Stable and functional in its use

Quick view!

The smallest and the most minimal in terms of design treadmill for home use on the market. It combines the need for daily exercise and practicality in your space in a very creative way. The X-Fit Walking Pad has a way of "disappearing" and at the same time gives the feeling of a traditional fitness treadmill that we are all used to. Changing our life, improving our health and appearance, is not so difficult after all. It's simple, it's fast, it's safe.

One thing is for sure, the X-Fit Walking Pad will fascinate you!

It fits everywhere

A constant concern for everyone who is in the process of buying a treadmill is how much space it will take up in the room they want to place it. This concern goes away with the Walking Pad since it can even be stored behind a door, under the bed or even behind the sofa right after use. Its length is 143.5 cm, its width is 59 cm and its height is only 13 cm, once folded. Its height when fully grown is 98.5 cm.

New situation, new habits

We are all used to have the treadmills display console in front of us during exercise and changing all the parameters. Well, it is time to change your habits and enjoy the freedom that the Walking Pad provides! Make the changes you want from a small control in your hand and see the walking speed on the round display in front of you in the front bottom end.

Different in every way

Its weight, which is only 22 kg, allows you to do whatever you want with it. The surface of the belt is what you need for daily walking, 110 cm by 40. Its speeds from 1 to 12 kilometers per hour with the 0.75 hp motor. Finally, the maximum user weight is 100 kg. Different from all X-Fit models but the same as far as quality standards are concerned!


  • Motor 0,75 hp
  • Machine weight 22Kg
  • Dimensions L: 143.5cm x W: 59cm x H: 98.5cm
  • Folding In horizontal position
  • Treadmill height after folding 13cm
  • Belt surface W: 40cm x L:110cm
  • Speed 1-12 km/h
  • Maximum user weight100kg
Σταθερός Διάδρομος ,αποθηκεύεται εύκολα και γρήγορος
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