EAA M.A.P. 374g (Quamtrax)

  • Promotes growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Improves performance during training
  • It contains 9.8 g of essential amino acids and 4.86 g of glutamine Kyowa Quality
  • Enhanced with AstraGin and a special electrolyte complex (HydroSalt Complex)
Limited items

Quamtrax EAA MAP are more than essential amino acids. It is a unique highly purified formula with a balanced combination of 9 essential amino acids that the body uses to build muscle. Our formula contains 9.8 g of these amino acids, each of which plays a particularly effective role in creating muscle fibers.

The EAA MAP includes Kyowa Quality L-glutamine to strengthen the immune system, protect the intestinal mucosa, and replace degraded L-glutamine during heavy training. Supported by our patent AminoVegan, which ensures the use of fermented amino acids of plant origin. This improves the quality of the product as it prevents the accumulation of unwanted waste. Enriched with our Hydrosalt mineral salt complex, making this product ideal for use before, during or after physical activity.

To make Quamtrax EAA MAP even more effective, we wanted to add the patent Astragin, a patented natural plant-derived compound that works by increasing the amount of specific compounds and nutrients that the body can absorb. In this way we ensure the complete absorption of all ingredients.

EAA stands for essential amino acids, which are essential substances that the body cannot synthesize or produce naturally. The way we obtain them depends on our diet or daily supplement

1 serving before and during workout

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