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Ελλειπτικό HIIT Trainer Pro-Form

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  • Resistance system: SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Disc weight: 12.7 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 158 Kg
  • Colorful 7 "LCD screen
  • Base for tablets / smartphones

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The elliptical Cardio HIIT Trainer is one of the newest products released by ProForm. This exercise machine combines the horizontal movement of an elliptical with the vertical movement of a stepper. It is actually a hybrid elliptical-stepper that does not have a tilt system. Therefore, you can only adjust the resistance, but not the elliptical motion or pedal angle. The resistance system is magnetic, controlled by an electric motor.

The resistance can be set from the console to one of 24 adjustment levels or if you choose to train with one of the built-in programs, it will change automatically. The first resistance settings provide a low-intensity workout, ideal for beginners or recovery workouts. In contrast, large resistance settings 22-24 provide a more demanding workout. The elliptical provides a natural movement that simulates gait, focusing on the buttocks, leg muscles and lower torso muscles. The movable arms provide a light to medium intensity workout for the muscles of the upper body, depending on your grip.

The pedals have no suspension or hinges, however, the surface is covered with a special material for maximum shock absorption, to relieve the ankles and offer better traction. They are made of heavy-duty PVC and are able to withstand users with a maximum weight of up to 158 kg. They are big enough to be comfortable training with sneakers of all sizes.

The console has a 7 "LCD screen with blue LED backlight where you can be informed about indicators such as: calories, calories per hour, distance, speed, pulse, rotation and selected resistance level. 32 pre-installed training programs are included, divided into 4 categories: burn calories, partial, intensity and intermittent. When you select a program, the display will indicate the duration of the workout and the approximate prediction of the calories you will burn. Also during the workout you will be asked to increase or decrease the speed pedals, depending on the current part of the workout. More features can be activated by subscribing to the iFit App and connecting to a smartphone or tablet. can accommodate any tablet.The fan and audio system have their own keys on the top of the console.

One of the main advantages of the ProForm Cardio HIIT elliptical over the other ellipticals is that it takes up half the space. The drive system has a vertical layout, so the frame takes up minimal space and can even fit in a small room or apartment. The support bars of the base are equipped with adjustable rubber regulators, therefore, it is not necessary to install a protective floor. At the front ends of the support bar are integrated transport wheels for easy movement of the elliptical.


  • Resistance system: SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance - magnetic controlled by electric motor
  • Resistance adjustment: electric in 24 levels
  • Disc weight: 12.7 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 158 Kg
  • Stepping height: 254 mm
  • Stepping length: 127 mm
  • Colorful 7 "LCD screen
  • 8 buttons for direct selection of resistance on the console
  • Heart rate measurement with palm sensors
  • Built-in wireless heart rate receiver
  • Programs: 32 pre-installed divided into 4 categories
  • IFIT® ENABLED - revolutionary interactive training program (iFit® member subscription required, sold separately)
  • Large pedals with soft surface
  • Automatic fan
  • Sound system with speakers
  • Base for tablets / smartphones
  • Resistant steel frame
  • Transport wheels for easy movement
  • Rubber regulators
  • Dimensions when set up: 99 x 74 x 169 cm
  • Warranty: 2 years

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