Professional elliptical C.L. 6000 (X-FIT)

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  • Professional elliptical
  • Powerful construction for tough use
  • Ideal for HIIT workouts
  • With natural air resistance combined with magnetic resistance
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The professional elliptical C.L. 6000 by X-FIT is an amazing machine, very different from what you have tried. The difference lies in its special mechanical design, since the inclination of the soles is such that the posture of the body resembles that of a sprinter. Forget leisurely workouts on the elliptical. In C.L. 6000 the training is intensive. It can be of short duration but of high intensity. It certainly provides the possibility for a good warm-up, but the difference lies in the high intensities.

This means one thing:
You will see results faster than any other fitness equipment.
With a net machine weight of 114 kg, even in the fastest and hardest movement, the machine remains stable, offering safety, concentration and comfort.
The many handles in our hands allow us to exercise different angles of our body (arms, shoulders, back, chest, etc.), while the combination of magnet and air resistance gives a unique exercise experience.
8 levels of resistance cover every level of fitness and performance.

Level 1-2: Warm-up or recovery. For athletes who start their training and warm up or for athletes who have been working out for a while.
Level 3: Classic resistance as on most professional ellipticals
Level 4-5: Increased resistance simulating running or mountain biking. Ideal for strength, aerobic improvement and fat loss.
Level 6-8: Maximum Resistance=Maximum Intensity=Maximum Results. It mimics the intensity of a sprinter and burns more calories than any other form of exercise.

• Double resistance system from Magnet and Air
• Resistance levels: 8
• Special wheels for easy movement
• Screen: LCD, specially configured for HIIT programs
• Display indications: Time, speed, distance, calories, watts, programs
• Fixed pedals.
• Stride length: 51 cm
• Ergonomic handles on the arms.
• Weight of elliptical: 114 kg
• Maximum user weight: 150 kg
• Dimensions when set up (L x W x H): 163.3 x 75 x 155.2 cm

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