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Extreme Isowhey Pro 1800g (Body Attack)

  • 100% pure whey protein
  • High isolate filtration
  • Almost zero fat
  • Great Taste

Extreme Iso Whey Professional by Body Attack is extremely rich in valuable whey proteins. Per serving delivers around 27gr. whey proteins, just 0.8 carbs and around 0.4 fat. In addition the powder contains valuable dietary fibre and sodium.

Is the ideal dietary supplement for sports. Supplying the body with valuable proteins after training is particularly important for athletes with an increased scope of training, weight lifters and body builders in order to maintain muscle mass.
Furthermore the protein powder is suitable for fans of low carbs who depend on low carbs but increased protein intake. One serving contains around 115 kcal with just 0.8 gr of carbs.
It is made only from biologically top quality whey proteins.

1 scoop 2 times a day.

Για μένα η καλύτερη πρωτείνη isolate που έχει βγει! Διαλύεται με το δάχτυλο σε ένα ποτήρι νερό και η γεύση σοκολάτας σούπερ!
Παναλαφρη πρωτεινη,οποιος θελει αμεσως μετα τη προπονηση και το πρωι γρηγορα αμινοξεα,τη προτεινω με κλειστα ματια.Μετα τη προπονηση τη συνδυαζω με δεξτροζη.
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