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Fitness Cage (X-FIT)

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Up to 12 Instalments
  • Durable and solid construction
  • For free weights and pulley systems
  • Supports a huge range or exercises
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SOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION – This home gym system boasts a highly durable steel frame reinforced with a powder coating, which gives the ability to withstand intense use. It generates a 1: 1 ratio of resistance from weights loaded on the sliding post.

HIGH AND LOW PULLEY – This is equipped with a high and low pulley along with a lat and triceps bar. Use the higher pulley for exercises such as ab crunch, lat pushdown and pull-down, meanwhile perform hip abduction, parallel bar handles, squat and row using the lower pulley.
OPEN CAGE DESIGN – Featuring a spacious workout station, this high-performing equipment includes weight plate storage to let you organize your free-weights on the machine within easy reach.
ALL-IN-ONE STATION – This complete exercise system features an innovative structure that combines arm and leg station, making it great for strengthening different muscle groups and executing comprehensive total body workouts.

Length: 1.42m
Height: 2.17m

Maximum Loading Weight: 100kg

Το κλουβί τα σπάει. Αν τα έχετε (τα λεφτά) μην το σκέφτεστε και πολύ.

Είτε για το συγκεκριμένο, είτε για κάποιο άλλο (φθηνότερο ή ακριβότερο), είναι μια αγορά που θα μείνει για πάντα.

Xtreme = εγγύηση. Τέλος!
Πολύ δυνατό μηχάνημα. Με κάλυψε σε αυτό που ήθελα με άριστη εξυπηρέτηση από το τεχνικό τμήμα της xtreme.
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