Fusion CST (Norditrack)

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Let our coaches drive you into daily high intensity training - the result after burning. Get the reward of intense training that multiplies your effort so that your body continues to burn calories long after your workout.

Tighten your hands, torso, legs and other body parts with the same gym. Multiple positions for handles in low, middle and high position.

More Intensity, Less Time
There is no dilemma between strength training and high intensity aerobic training. Now you can run a 2 in 1 program. Create strength, endurance and muscle mass in record time.


  •     10 "Portal 10i ™ tablet included
  •     LED display for Watt and heart rate pulses
  •     Includes iFit® Bluetooth® breast belt
  •     Resistance system: SMR ™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
  •     Independent 240 cm cable
  •     Adjust resistance to 20 levels
  •     Removable ergonomic handles
  •     Six cable terminations
  •     Two accessories for ankle strap
  •     Cradle
  •     Two Squat pulleys are included
  •     Adjustable Independent Tablet & Smartphone Base
  •     Built-in tablet and smartphone carrier
  •     Dimensions set (LxWxH): 105.4 x 151 x 187 cm
  •     Can be attached on the wall

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