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Fusion Pro 1800g (Dedicated)

  • Multi source protein formula
  • Faster Recovery
  • Higher development and performance
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What is it?

Opinions differ and different proteins give different results. How do you find the best protein?

With Dedicated Fusion Pro™ finding the perfect protein is no longer your concern. We have fused our two favourite proteins together to create the perfect protein blend for serious athletes.

Fast absorbing Whey Protein and slow absorbing Casein are combined in an even 50/50 ratio.

What’s in it?


Whey Protein Concentrate
Generally accepted as the ideal protein for athletes. Whey Protein is one of the fastest absorbing proteins, making it the ideal source to consume right after your workout.

Casein (Milk Protein Concentrate)
Where Whey Protein falls short, Casein steps in. Casein protein is the slowest absorbing protein available, generating a steady flow of amino acid for a staggering 8 hours long.

What should I feel?

Its fast absorption rate is also the biggest downfall of Whey Protein. After 90 minutes its effects are diminishing as the steady flow of amino acids to hungry muscles stops.

The slow absorption rate makes Casein the ideal protein to use before going to sleep and to take during the day.

By fusing Whey and Casein together you get the ideal protein blend to use day and night. Pre and post work out, with breakfast or before going to bed. FUSION

1 scoop in 250-350ml water twice a day

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