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Glutamine bag 500g (Quamtrax)

Glutamine bag 500gr (Quamtrax)
Packing 500g
Servings x100
Rating 5

Availability E-Shop
  • 100% Pure Glutamine
  • Recovery and muscular strength
  • Supports immune system

Glutamine supplementation is beneficial during periods of stress, such as after training Glutamine ensures the body remains in a state of anabolism. For those who train, supplementing with glutamine ensures the body s stores of this important amino acid are optimized and the skeletal muscle size is maintained. Working out can lead to suppression of the immune system. Intense exercise can quickly deplete glutamine in the muscle cells causing the immune system to weaken and decreases the bodys levels of glutamine. Research has shown that supplementation with glutamine can alleviate the decline of glutamine concentration in the bloodstream following intense exercise.

5gr. 2-3 times daily


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