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Glutamine Mega Strong Powder 500g (Nutrend)

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  • 100% pure Glutamine
  • No sugars, no fillers
  • Recovery
  • Muscular Development
  • Can be mixed with any sport drink

This product contains an extraordinary combination of an active substances hidden under the G. L. P. complex. These substances support the muscle growth. The main component is L-glutamine amino acid which improves the muscle regeneration, increases the immunity and supports the muscle growth.

The combination of L-leucine that has an anti-catabolic effect and L-arginine which stimulates the natural production of the growth hormone makes Mega Strong Powder one of the most effective product for building a lean body mass on the market.

  • For Maximum Muscle Growth
  • High Content Of L-Leucine And L-Arginine
  • No Artificial Colourings
  • Regeneration Improvement

10g (½ scoop) in 200ml water, 2 times a day


Βοηθάει πολύ στην ξεκούραση.Προσωπικά πιανομαι λιγότερο και μπορώ να είμαι έτοιμος για την επόμενη μέρα.βγάζει πάρα πολλές δόσεις
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