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Hi Protein Powder 875g (Twix)

  • Pure whey protein
  • 60% of Protein
  • Iconic Twix bar Taste






What is it?

Twix Hi Protein Whey Powder is a whey protein concentrate that tastes like the popular Twix chocolate bar.

What’s in it?

It is a good source of nutrients because it contains 60% protein and has only a very low proportion of fats and carbohydrates. Great taste and good solubility make this protein an ideal choice for athletes and people with an active lifestyle. Turn up the taste with the NEW Twix Protein Powder! Boasting the unmistakable blend, you can now enjoy the delicious flavour of one of the world’s favourite chocolate bar, chocolate biscuit and caramel with 21g of protein, and 140 calories per serving.

What should I feel?

Proteins are necessary for the body to grow and maintain muscle mass as well as healthy bones. Along with the muscular recovery and development you will be able to enjoy the great Twix taste without regrets.


1 scoop 2-3 times daily



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