High Protein Shake 500ml (Body Attack)

  • Strong 50g protein per bottle
  • Creamy milkshake as ready-to-drink
  • For your protein needs - low-fat diets

If you want to aid muscle recovery following a workout, increasing your protein levels can help - and that's where this handy high-protein milkshake really comes into its own. Easy and convenient to throw into a gym bag, you can drink it before or after a session at the gym, knowing that your protein levels are being taken care of.
While some protein shakes are piled high with sugar, fat and other nasties, this isn't the case with this protein shake. In fact, you can expect low fat, no added sugar, high fibre and, of course, high protein in this milkshake, helping to support a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle.

Some high protein drinks compromise on flavour, but not ours. We believe that protein milkshakes should be as tasty as they are nutritious, so you'll be pleasantly surprised by our delicious and indulgent banana, chocolate, , and vanilla flavours.
Chances are you'll want to enjoy the smooth, creamy milkshake flavour all in one go, but if you want to save some for later, the protein bottle can be stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours.


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