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HMB 4500, 100 caps (Nutrend)

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  • 100% pure HMB
  • Muscle strength & development
  • Supports muscular protein synthesis
  • Mixed perfectly with creatine
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HMB tabs, a non-steroid, body s natural substance with the anti-catabolic and the subsequent anabolic effect. HMB is due to its effects suitable for power and power endurance types of sport.

HMB effects:

  • It stimulates muscle mass and power growth.
  • It positively influences proportion between muscle and adipose tissue.
  • It improves body s adaptation to the increased physical stress.
  • It prevents muscle mass breakdown.
  • It speeds up regeneration and muscle mass recovery.
  • It reduces protein catabolism (the muscle mass breakdown caused by physical stress).
  • It helps to maintain a positive nitrogen balance.
  • It strengthens body immunity in a state of effort and stress.
  • It positively regulates cholesterol level.

HMB = 3-hydroxy-3-methylbutyrate = a body s natural substance, a short-chain fatty acid, which is produced in the body from the amino acid leucine that is supplied from food. HMB can be naturally found in certain small amounts also in foods. However the above-mentioned effects can be achieved by an increased HMB intake in the form of a supplement.

The general principle of its effect consists in the regulation of catabolic hormone levels. Due to the decrease of this hormone levels the catabolic processes are also reduced. A resulting effect of the catabolic processes reduction is the strengthening of anti-catabolic and anabolic processes: proteosynthesis (protein production), muscle mass growth and regeneration. Thus HMB does not work on the principle of "drawing" water into the tissue.

HMB helps to gradually build amino acids into the muscle matrix. This is a continual and sustained process resulting in a quality muscle mass. Thanks to its effects HMB can be used for the body s adaptation to increased physical stress, for the reduction of the muscle atrophy progression during aging or in case of limited mobility.

The daily dose for athletes is 5 capsules.
Training days: take 3 capsules 60 minutes before training and a further 2 capsules immediately after training.
Non-training days: take 3 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and a further 2 capsules about 30 minutes before lunch.

Drink plenty of water.
Swallow the capsules with sufficient amount of water.

Χρησιμοποίησα το HMB παράλληλα με BCAA 4:1:1 & ZMA και βλέπω διαφορά στην δύναμη και αντοχή σε εβδομαδιαία βάση. Η δοσολογία που ακολούθησα ήταν 7 κάψουλες (για 90 κιλά) για 8 εβδομάδες και έπειτα διακοπή 4 εβδομάδες κ.ο.κ.
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