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H INKO started its activity in the production of supplements on January 28, 1982 in the city Stein near Nuremberg, Germany. In 1984 he moved to the nearby city Roth where is set up today in modern facilities.

INKO owned to the giant Nutrichem Group in Germany, where among other things produces pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

The company is certified with  ISO 9001 and also its products are safe for use by athletes subject to Anti-Doping test.

In collaboration with the University of Dusseldorf several of the company's products are subject to frequent and intensive checks and thus ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Apart from Germany country INKO also maintains its own facilities in Austria, Switzerland and France. Rightly has conquered decades the reputation throughout Europe, that its products could not easily be compared with anything else.

This company is obsessed with quality.

In Greece, we know it well because we represent the INKO in our country since 1993, and we are the oldest representatives throughout Europe.

INKO is a company whose products are always our stead, and was our first company that we introduced in the country.

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