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Iso Whey 907g (Quamtrax)

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  • Supplement of pure whey protein
  • Full amino acid profiles
  • Wonderful flavors

Quamtrax Iso Whey is the protein mixture isolated and concentrated whey to promote muscle development and recovery processes after intense training.

Iso Whey has a unique flavor, pure product not seen before and to secure value for money that will surprise you. Both protein sources that have been used, isolate and concentrate whey, they have been obtained by cross-flow microfiltration. This method ensures that the concentrations of lactose, fat and carbohydrates are reduced dramatically without altering the bioactive components.
IsoWhey gives you all the essential amino acids your body needs, including BCAA ?? s for the best muscle building and almost 20g of glutamic acid to obtain a full recovery after exercise.

1  scoop twice a day

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