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Isopro CFM 2267g (Quamtrax)

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  • Microfiltered whey protein
  • Immediate Absorption and Recovery
  • Perfect choice after workout
  • Without Sugar Add
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The new Isopro CFM ™ is an isolated whey protein obtained by cross-flow microfiltration in order to prevent denaturation of the protein, a process in which virtually eliminates the percentages of fat and lactose, making it a product quickly absorbed and perfect digestion.

It provides a high percentage BCAA's own isolated from whey protein, it is ideal to consume after training or supplement the protein intake of food everyday.

No additives that can mask their actual percentage of protein. 88% protein and a supply of glutamine KYOWA ™ with which we get a complete muscle recovery after any workout. Since it can not be otherwise, Quamtrax Provon ™ uses raw materials, which certifies the highest quality with a long free unsurpassed flavor of added sugars.

1  scoop twice a day


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