Just Whey 1000g (NLS)

  • 100% Whey Protein
  • Fast absorption/ Rehabilitation\
  • From Grass Fed Cows
  • Muscular Development

Immediately after training, the body needs a direct flow of amino acids to initiate the recovery and muscle growth process. Therefore most of all it needs a protein that will be absorbed rapidly by the muscular system. NLS's WHEY WHEY consists of 100% pure whey protein, which due to its special filtration is absorbed within minutes.

With its minimal carbohydrates and fat, it provides the athlete's immediate remedy on the one hand, keeping the calories on the other hand very low, making it ideal for people who want to lose weight. Its rich composition of amino acids accelerates the process of recovery and muscle growth even further.

TIP: The fact that the milk contained in JUST WHEY comes from animals that feed on natural grass only and not manufactured products, raises the protein quality to a very high level, ensuring the correct composition of the raw materials, without Contain chemical additives.


1 scoop (30gr) in 150-200ml of water immediately after exercise. Based on daily need of protein take an additional 1-2 servings a day (in 150-200ml of water or milk) between meals.

Η πιο τέλεια πρωτεινη.Εξαιρετικη διαλυτότητα και υπέροχη η γεύση μπανανα.!!!!!
Μια χαρά πρωτείνη. Καλή διαλυτότητα, οι γεύσεις είναι νόστιμες και η περιεκτικότητα ικανοποιητικότατη.
Καλή γεύση με μέτρια προς καλή διαλυτότητα αλλά 33 servings δεν έχει με την καμία μέσα. Κάτω απο 30 σκουπ έβγαλε χωρίς να το γεμίζω μέχρι πάνω.
h taste bannana ola ta lefta!!!
7 mhnes epairna tin whey plus...exw meinei ikanopoihmenos den exw parapona. eixa akousei oti ayti einai poly kalyteri apo tin whey plus...perimenw pws kai pws na teleiwsei auti pou m emeine gia na parw autin!
Γευση σοκολάτα πολύ καλή..διαλυτοτητα πολύ καλή..τιμή για whey 1 κιλό ακόμα καλύτερη.
Πολύ καλή whey και το peanut choco τα σπάει απλά
!!! Pote? Me 19,90 1kg whey?!!!
H sokolata fystikovoythro tha ginei h agaphmenh mou nomizw!
Καλή τιμή! Κι η diet υπέροχες γεύσεις έχω δει αποτέλεσμα κιόλας άρα δεν αμφιβάλω και για την whey!!!!
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