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Kettlebells plastic 10 kg (35000) (X-FIT)

Kettlebells plastic 10 kg (35000) (X-FIT)
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The Kettlebells are dumbbells in an unconventional form resembling a ball of shot put with a handle. Their story begins in Russia in 17 century. it was the first form of modern-day form of exercise with weights.

There is a multitude of exercises that anyone can perform with Kettlebells, while the particular form can make the workout more challenging and effective. By their nature, these dumbbells require great strength, concentration and activation of more muscle groups than dumbbells.

The advantages can be gained by an athlete using Kettlebells are many and very important.

Initially exercises and forces to mobilize almost all muscle groups of the body, adding strength and flexibility. For this reason the duration of exercise with Kettlebells is much lower compared to traditional weight training. Nor should we forget that because of the shape and size can be Built with efficiency and above all safely a wide range of exercisers, from beginners to professional athletes women, and is a wonderful kind of authority for children who want to start working out with weights.
The big difference with Kettlebells exercise than other types of exercise with weights is that with Kettlebells not isolated muscle groups are exercised as appropriate. In a multi-organ or benches fitness, exercise with weights exercise specific muscles that we have chosen. The rest of the body relies on the bench and is essentially inert. This in some cases (for example when I have a lot of time at my disposal) is useful. But with Kettlebells each exercise mobilizes almost the entire body, thereby achieving greater increase metabolism, burn more calories in a much shorter time.

The handle and the strange center of gravity of Kettlebells translate into rapid growth of the force of arms, torso and above all the region of the abdomen and the dorsal. Such movements are developing great control muscles because muscles learn to tighten and relax at a rate of a large radius of action.
Also in training with Kettlebells not only adequately exercise the muscles and tendons and joints, thus strengthening literally all over the body, which it certainly has great and positive impact on the natural movements of the human body in our daily lives.

To get a clear picture of what exactly is training with Kettlebells would say it is an ideal combination of classical training with weights with yoga exercises and pilates. The first thing you will feel the first few workouts is the difference in balance control, flexibility and strength of the whole body.

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