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Vinyl Kettlebells 4 kg Yellow (35653) (X-FIT)

4 kg
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What is Kettlebell?

Kettlbell are specially shaped weights with handles. Its round shape and compact mass allow us to perform a variety of exercises, such as swings and lifts, bends or pulls. It has been used for decades by amateur and professional athletes, as it has been proven to be effective, efficient and safe in all forms of sport.

What does Kettlebell offer?

The results of the kettlebell exercise are many and are divided by category:

Cardiorespiratory capacity: Depending on the speed of movements and the intensity we put, we cause in a short time to improve heart function and increase oxygen uptake by the lungs.

Strength: Through a wide range of exercises in different movements and postures, we increase muscle strength throughout the body.

Strengthening the torso: One of the most basic benefits of kettlebell is the strengthening of the whole torso, with special emphasis on the abdomen and back.

Painless mobility: It is a very safe type of training since the freedom of movement frees the body without "locking" it in specific postures. Which means better mobility and elasticity, without pain.

What Kettlebell to choose?

Because of the variety of exercises that involve one- or two-handed exercises, most choose two kettlebells. One lighter for one-handed exercises and one heavier for two-handed exercises. A good start would be one of 6 kilos and one of 10 kilos.

  • High quality construction: Made for durability from solid cast iron without welds, weak points or seams. Ideal for indoor and outdoor training.
  • Durable Vinyl, Plastic or metallic coating finish: for durability and stability.
  • Wide, Smooth handle: The smooth, high-quality slightly embossed handle provides a comfortable and secure grip for many repetitions.
  • Level base: Ideal base for storage, floor protection and better functionality in exercises that require support.
  • Ideal for any age or gender: Wide range of weights, ideal for anyone who wants to improve their physical condition, regardless of age or gender.

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