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X-Treme L-Carnitine 2000, 20ampsx25ml (Inkospor)

X-Treme L-Carnitine 2000, 20ampsx25ml (Inkospor)
Packing 20 amps
Servings x20
  • 100% liquid carnitine
  • Fat burning and high performance
  • In ampoules for easier use
Availability Available

Τhe most essential nutritional supplement for those who wish to reduce their body weight in combination with an intense workout !!!
L-Carnitine is an amino acid which occurs naturally in the human body and which is necessary for the oxidation and transport of fatty acids. The L-Carnitine is synthesized in the body (liver and kidney) of the essential (basic) amino acids that we take from our diet.

Research shows that vegetarians can not produce the necessary amounts of L-Carnitine. Then again the recruitment of additional L-Carnitine, it appears from the research that increases the transport of fats to the mitochondria where they can be burned during aerobic workout at the same time and thus increasing the energy reserves of the organism.


1 amp before training

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