L-Glutamine 400g (Warriorlab)

  • Glutamine Powder Supplement
  • Muscle Immunity
  • Enhancement of the Immune
  • Accelerates recovery

Glutamine plays a vital role in protein metabolism and anticatabolic muscle protection. It also facilitates the ability of the body to secrete higher amounts of growth hormone, which means increased fat burning and muscle development. The anticatabolic protection Glutamine is that it protects the cleavage of amino acids into the muscle during training.

This is even more important for athletes who follow a reduced calorie diet for weight loss. In this period it is very common and the loss of muscle mass and here Glutamine will play a very important and crucial role in protecting muscle mass.
Taking Glutamine is important before and after training because in a strong performance, spent a large proportion of the glutamine that is stored in our body and refill.
Glutamine can be mixed in water, juice or electrolytes and will also enhance the athlete's immune system, which normally weakens immediately after training.
WARRIORLAB’s L-Glutamine of excellent quality and is the preference of thousands of athletes.


Take 5gr in the post workout beverage and 5gr in water before bed time.

Πολύ καλή . Την βάζω μετά από κάθε προπόνηση αλλά και μέσα στην ημέρα . Νιώθω να με ξεκουράζει .
Ένοιωσα πολύ καλή αποκατάσταση και ξεκούραση στους μύες μου, την πρωτινό σε συνδυασμό με πρωτεΐνη για ακόμα καλυτέρα αποτελέσματα
ητανε και θα ειναι το συμπληρωμα που παντα θα εχω σε οτι και αν κανω ..ειδικα τον χειμωνα με vitamin c με κρατησε και δεν αρρωστησα καλθολου ..ασε για την ξεκουραση που προσφερει
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