Lever Belt 10 cm (X-FIT)

  • Belt of special strength
  • Ideal for heavy sports with weights
  • Closes securely and opens easily

X-FIT's Lever Belt is a special belt aimed mainly at strength athletes. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, etc. require maximum safety and comfort to give confidence to the athlete to be able to increase the weights.
What differentiates the Lever Belt from classic leather belts, beyond its thick and dense leather?
It's definitely the metal lock. In addition to the safety it provides even during the hardest workouts, with the heaviest weights, it also offers something basic that only those who train hard will understand.
After a grueling set, you want to take off the belt so you can breathe freely. At that moment, in classic belts, you will have to take a long breath to untie the belt. Something really difficult at the given moment for the respiratory as well as the abdominals.
The Lever Belt with its unique lock requires a small movement to unlock and free our body.
So simple. So safe.

Medium: 90 cm - 110 cm
Large: 95 cm - 115 cm
XLarge: 100 cm - 120 cm

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