Liquid Energy 60g (GU)

  • Based on the proven GU Energy Gel, contains 30 ml more water per gel
  • Simple to take, easy to digest
  • Available with or without caffeine
  • Vegan, gluten-free

GU Liquid Energy is a concentrated form of carbohydrates in a completely LIQUID form, which in addition to carbohydrates, contains amino acids, electrolytes, minerals, a mixture of herbs and sea salt. It is in a small, single and easy to transport package of 60 grams that offers 100 calories.

The first, the authentic, the favorite energy gel of athletes worldwide now and in LIQUID form. GU was the first to create the Energy Gel category!
The most delicious - the original GU Energy Gel has won the most flavor awards and could not be anything different from GU Liquid Energy, which are available in 4 amazing flavors!
Carbohydrates: GU uses two sources of carbohydrates (85% maltodextrin and 15% fructose) to maintain high glucose levels for longer during exercise. Each GU Liquid Energy offers 23 grams of carbohydrates.
Convenient: In a practical package of 60 grams, simple to use, consumed quickly and easily, without liquids or water. Each GU Liquid Energy offers 100 calories, just as much as a GU Energy Gel or Roctane Energy Gel.
Cleverly designed: Now in NEW renewed packaging for 2020, smaller than the previous one, with the smooth and glossy surface that you have learned and loved from GU. The new redesigned package is still small, individual and easy to carry to fit in a small pocket of shorts, or in a running area.
Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs): Protein builds mental concentration and muscle recovery - GU Liquid Energy contains 450mg of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), at least 6 times more than any other energy gel! Liquid Energy provides exactly the same amount of amino acids as the original GU Energy Gel.
Electrolytes: Each GU Liquid Energy contains 188mg sodium, regardless of taste. GU Liquid Energy has more sodium than the original GU Energy Gels in which sodium reaches up to 125mg in salted flavors.
Caffeine: The flavors of GU Liquid Energy that contain caffeine, have a small dose of 20mg of natural caffeine from green tea extract (green tea extract) for the metabolism of fat into energy. The Coffee flavor of GU Liquid Energy, which contains a double dose of caffeine 40mg, is able to give the stimulation you need.

Gluten Free, Vegan: GU Liquid Energy does not contain gluten & is suitable for vegetarians.

Take a dose of 60g (1 sachet) 15 minutes before exercise and then every 45 minutes of intense physical activity.

It is recommended to be accompanied by consumption of 100-200ml of water.

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